I love this time of year

Ah, Christmas. Nope, we don’t celebrate it. But I absolutely LOVE this time of year -everyone is SO nice and cheery (with the few exceptions of course). Even though it’s a mad dash to get through the list of people on your gift list, people are still overall very kind (probably because the winter break/holidays are coming?!).  Hubby and I finished our holiday shopping in November (woohoo!) before the good stuff was gone-for co-workers and friends. Gift giving is a form of good manners that maintains and strengthens bonds between the giver and receiver. The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another.[Bukhari]

Last year, when I only had one baby and was 7 months pregnant (LOL!) I threw the holiday party of the century (century because I won’t be hosting any parties anytime soon….!). My friends were super excited because hello what Muslims have holiday themed parties?! US that’s who!!! The theme was ‘Let it Snow’.

Most of the decor I got was from Michaels-my FAVOURITE craft store ever.My mom made the amazing hanging snowflakes for my wintery themed baby shower the year before. I just re-used them 🙂

I used to DIY a lot. Like all the time. Man, life was so easy with just ONE baby. Anyways, I found this DIY wreath on Pinterest: http://www.craftberrybush.com/2013/10/brilliant-or-crazy-a-christmas-wreath.html . It’s super easy to make and looks expensive. Win win!

NOW, onto the good stuff-the food! I think since I was preggo everyone pitched it to lighten my load-loved all the deliciousness that went on here:

Cute buffet label kit from Party City: http://www.partycity.ca/product/metallic+christmas+buffet+decorating+kit+12pc.do?from=Search&navSet=food%20label&bypass_redirect=1

We’ve got: veggies, hummus, garlic bread, nachos.

Pull apart bread and caesar salad.

Mains: Fried rice, roast chicken and lasagna…mmmmm…anyone else getting hungry?!

Can’t forget the kabobs!

Me posing with the food-my feet were soon swollen after this party lol.

Now onto the good stuff-DESSERT:

Instant pot hot chocolate….um yes please!! Check out the cute marshmallow snowmen my sister made. Adorable.

Drinks setup. Sugar sugar sugar!

Onto the gingerbread cookie decorating station now. This was a HUGE hit with my friends. SO easy to pull together-all of the food supplies are from Bulk Barn. I’m sure I used my $3 off coupon when you spend $10 or more. Hurrah savings!

The glass dessert bowls are from Kitchen Stuff Plus and can be found here : http://www.kitchenstuffplus.com/pasabahce-iceville-glass-nappy-dessert-bowl-set-of-4-clear

My 3-tier server is from Bowring and can be found here: https://www.bowring.com/product/teatime-3-tier-server/

Cutest gingerbread man ever.

We even had a best holiday sweater contest. Everyone came dressed to impress. I was definitely impressed with the effort that went into some of the sweaters. Annum literally sewed (or glue gunned?) a cute teddy to her sweater and also added the pearls.

Ok all I can see it my belly. LOL. Atleast my feet aren’t swollen there.

Sudduf really lit up the room. Literally, she came dressed in holiday lights LOL. And we didn’t plan the matching hijabs.

Such a fun party- we exchanged gifts, ate yummy treats and drank hot chocolate. Best of all was the company, love my friends and family.

I hope you enjoyed this holiday special- if you’re thinking about hosting a similar party I say go for it, it was really really fun!!



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1 thought on “I love this time of year

  1. It was a great party
    I can see how you loose weight really impressed wow you did great job inthis party
    Each and every thing looks ao pretty and unique
    May Allah bless u with many more
    I will steal many ideas from thia party lol😉 especially ur moms made snow flakes

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