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I have linked most of the products I’ve used on my Amazon store:

The kitchen is the heart of our home, like in many people’s homes around the globe. This is where we not only prepare our food and eat it, it’s a meeting place for our family, where deep discussions are had and our baby’s first steps were taken (no joke!). The kitchen is my happy place, where I can get creative, let loose and just be in the zone to cook up a storm and get a healthy meal on the table for my family. And this means it gets messy quickly!

By taking part in the Kitchen Stuff Plus Organization Event, on now in stores and online, I realized that my kitchen had no flow- in the sense that items didn’t make sense in their current placement. Items I needed while cooking weren’t readily available-they were halfway across the room. There was also a lot of wasted space in my cabinets, unnecessary clutter, items I no longer need and multiple packs of the same food because I had forgotten that I had bought some in previous week(s)!!! This collaboration gave me the chance to focus on the room in my home that I used most but had spent the least amount of time giving any thought too. I seriously had not made any changes to my kitchen since we moved in 4.5 years ago.

Here is how I went about prepping my kitchen:

  • Empty out one cabinet at a time
  • Wipe down all cabinet shelves and insides of cabinet doors
  • Go through cabinet contents and discard anything expired, discard or donate items no longer used and put aside anything that needs to go somewhere else in the kitchen
  • make a game plan for that particular cabinet (ie. plates cabinet, glasses/mugs cabinets, small appliances cabinet etc)
  • Start organizing the cabinet using the accessories from Kitchen Stuff Plus
  • Repeat until your entire kitchen is organized!


And now for my clean and organized kitchen cabinets thanks to the accessories from Kitchen Stuff Plus and Amazon:


Small Appliance/Serveware Cabinet: The Curvy Divided Kitchen Organizer was used here for my trays and platters. This vertical kitchen organizer allows for more items to be placed in the cabinet and allows easy access to items.

Cookware and Bakeware Cabinet: The KSP Curvy Divided Kitchen Organizer was used for my pans. The KSP Max Divided Kitchen Organizer was used for my cookware lids. The Mesh Divided Pan/Board Rack was used for my bakeware. Vertical organization is not only visually appealing, the functionality that each accessory provides is fantastic in creating a clean looking cabinet along with making my life easier in getting things out of the cabinet.

Glasses, Mugs and Travel Mugs/Bottles Cabinet: The InterDesign LINUS Stackable Bottle Rack was used to organize travel mugs and water bottles. I love this organized look so much that I am going to get another set for the remainder of my bottles. Having all the drink ware in one cabinet just makes so much sense!

Tableware and Serveware Cabinet: The Space Logic Expandable Kitchen Shelf was used here to add extra storage space to my cabinet. Loving this look because I had previous stacked items on top of each other and it was not pretty. Everyday items were placed on the lowest shelf while our fancy dinner set was placed on the highest shelf because we rarely use them unless we have guests coming over!

Spice Cabinet: Bottom Shelf: The InterDesign Linus Stadium Large Spice Rack was used for my everyday cooking spices. Middle Shelf: Mod Cylinder Canisters were used to store my spice overflow. Top Shelf: The Fridge Storage Deep Bin was used to organize spices not used on a daily basis.


Spice Cabinet: Labelled some of my jars!
Tupperware, Baking Accessories and Everything Else Cabinet: Lowest shelf: Mesh Expandable Kitchen Shelf was used for extra storage space. Middle and Top shelf: The clear Fridge Storage Deep Bin was used to store tupperware lids and baking accessories for easy viewing. Third Shelf: The 2-Tier Space Logic Corner Shelf  was used here to store glass bakeware.

Medicine Cabinet/Food Wrapping Cabinet: The Fridge Storage Deep Bin was used here to store all medicine/vitamins. The clear bin allows easy viewing of items. The Mesh Expandable Kitchen Shelf on the lower shelf allows extra storage of food wrapping materials. We have two empty cabinets for overflow. Less is more.

Upper Pantry Cabinet: I used the Medium Fridge Storage Deep Bin in the middle shelf to organize baby food on the left and my snacks on the right. I also used a few Mod Cylinder Canisters to store things like dates for my smoothies, tea bags and brown sugar-all the things I need easy access to in the morning!

Lower Pantry Cabinet: I used the Easy Lock 3.6L Acrylic Canister with Locking Lid to store rice cakes and the Easy Lock 1.7L Acrylic Canister with Locking Lid to store cereal. On the lower shelf I have organized all pantry items in the Mod Cylinder Canisters. Love the look of this and the clear jars makes it east to locate items. My next step for these will be labelling the jars! I highly recommend taking items out of their packaging and putting them into clear canisters like these so you 1) know when you’re running low on an item and need to restock 2) actually know what you have in your pantry!! When you know what you have, there will be reduced food wastage!

Cutlery Drawer. I used the Made Smart Tidy Cutlery Tray here. I’ve also used the InterDesign Linus Rectangular Drawer Organizer at the base of the drawer for baby utensils and soup spoons.
Cooking Utensils Drawer: I used the Made Smart Tidy Utensil Tray (Granite) here to store all of my large items. I also used the clear InterDesign Linus Rectangular Drawer Organizer for extra storage.
Baby Drawer: I used the clear Small KSP Fridge Storage Deep Bin for the sippy cups. The Medium KSP Fridge Storage Deep Bin was used to organize plates, bibs and bowls.
Baking Drawer: The small Fridge Storage Deep Bin (Clear) was used to organize my measuring cups. Loving my Kitchen Basics Silicone Spoon Rest, Silicone Oven Mitts and Silicone Baking cups!



That’s our new organized kitchen! Now it’s time for YOU to get busy organizing your kitchen!

Good luck!


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  2. Do ksp ship to U.K.? Or is there anything similiar in U.K.?
    Your kitchen looks amazing ماشاءالله

  3. Your kitchen organization has me feeling some type of way ?. Literally swooning over here, lol! It’s just me, hubby and baby in our apartment but I’m already starting to see clutter in our cabinets and pantry! Definitely need to invest in some of these organizational tools. Loved this post, thanks for sharing! ?

  4. Love every sense of organization from kitchen setup to blog writing. Just curious from where did you get your measuring cups. They are so cute 🙂

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