Healthy Eating Workshop

Asalamu alaikum and hello! I am very, very excited to share my lecture notes that I took at the Healthy Eating Workshop last week by Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain, the Imam of the Muslim Association of Milton. I found it extremely beneficial and my hope by sharing my notes is that you will too. Alhumdullilah, my husband and I were fortunate to meet Shaykh Ibrahim a few months ago at the regular weekly Friday night family halaqa’s that he leads. Shaykh Ibrahim is extremely knowledgeable and personable mashAllah and has been a blessing to the Milton, Ontario Muslim community, alhumdullilah!

Healthy Eating Workshop Notes:

  • In the Qur’an, in Surah 2, Ayat 168, Allah subhanu wa ta’ala addresses entire humanity:
  • Emphasis is on eating what is on earth (plants, crops, vegetables, fruits-those things that Allah subhanu wa ta’ala grows for us.)
  • Allah subhanu wa ta’ala says to eat what is pure
  • Islam emphasizes on purity in all aspects of a Muslim’s life, even in regards to the foods we eat and our health
  • We should focus on the quality of food we are eating…not the quantity!
  • A healthy diet is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alai hi wasallam

Some foods mentioned in the Authentic Sunnah:

    • are the food of Paradise
    • if you eat dates, you will get used to eating less because dates keep you feeling full longer
    • gives you energy
    • “A family that has dates will never feel hungry”
    • TIP: when feeding  the homeless, make sure to include dates in your offering!
  2. BUTTER: mentioned in Bukhari; use it in cooking, everything in moderation!
    • much better than other types of oil
    • everything in moderation
  5. MILK
    • Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alai hi wasallam used to drink cows milk
    • drinking milk gives you strength
    • dua’a after drinking milk:
  6. YOGHURT: similar properties to milk
  7. HONEY:
    • raw honey
    • Benefits: form of cure from some ailments
    • good way to avoid sugar is to satisfy that craving with pure honey
    • kashmiri foodie TIP: Manuka Honey is a good option
  9. FIGS
  11. RABBIT
  12. WATER:
    • Sunnah is to not drink water in one big gulp but to drink in two or three smaller gulps
    • Sunnah is to drink water standing up
    • say Alhumdullilah when you have finished drinking water
    • good for memory
  16. HERBS


  • eat healthy
  • watch what you eat
  • avoid processed foods
  • have well balanced meals
  • implement “Meat free Mondays”
  • eat your vegetables
  • consume enough dairy products for strong bones
  • make grocery shopping fun by planning out your meals beforehand so the trip to the store is more organized and you know what you are looking for
  • watch your sugar intake
  • learn how to cook, cook at home, make a diary of what you are eating and plan meals out
  • 3 meals and small healthy snacks in between
  • eating healthy and properly will lead to a more efficient YOU!


*Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain is the Executive Director at the Madina Institute Canada, the Director of The Holy and Noble Koran Society (THANKS), & the Imam at the Muslim Association of Milton* -for more information: