Fridge Organization with Kitchen Stuff Plus

I have linked the products I’ve used here.

Steps to Maintaining an Organized Fridge 

Last week I shared ways to organize your kitchen cupboards (LINK: Kitchen Organization) and this week I am sharing how to organize your fridge for easy access and optimal efficiency.

Like most family’s, we do grocery shopping every week. Thankfully we’ve got it down to a tee now and aren’t running to the grocery store multiple times a week like we used too! Lately, I’ve been making the grocery list and my husband is doing the actual shopping with my son. While they are out, I quickly empty out the fridge contents (which isn’t much by the end of the week because we go through the food so quick with two growing kids!) and give the entire fridge a wipe down. This ensures there aren’t any random spills/food particles and so forth hiding in there! This also allows me to see the contents leftover from the previous week (if any!) and to ensure we use those first before the new food items gets used. Reduced food wastage is the goal!


Weekly cleaning of fridge

Stocked & Organized Fridge

The products I have used in the fridge are: -the Herb keeper -the Fresh Milk Dispenser -Clear Storage Bins -Clear Egg Holder. All of the products I used can be found here.



Starfrit Gourmet Herb Keeper:

I used to store my cilantro in the clear grocery store bag it came in. It would go bad in a few days. I was afraid to put a glass in the fridge holding my herbs in case the glass broke. This Herb Keeper is a winner!
This product is easy to use and my cilantro stays fresh for WEEKS! Yep you read that correct! Just place water in the bottom to the max. fill line, put the herbs inside and place in fridge. Fresh herbs for weeks folks!!!
Egg Holder
This clear egg organizer is great. I love looking into my fridge knowing how many eggs I have left to use.
So happy to have found this product-the egg containers from the grocery store just wasn’t cutting it anymore!
The egg holder is easy to clean too!
Fresh Milk Bag Dispenser
This fresh milk bag dispenser is a vertical organizing fridge solution! Goodbye large and awkward milk bag taking up an entire shelf in my fridge! Three milk bags can be stored in this dispenser.
I only had one milk bag left for purposes of this photo-but a total of three can fit inside. By using this product, I have room left on my dairy shelf in the fridge for yogurt and cheese!


Clear Fridge Storage Bins

These storage bins are super versatile. I eliminated the need for a tupperware for my grapes by using this bin. It looks pretty and is functional. I do recommend placing berries in mason jars or tupperware however!
The fridge storage bins also come in different sizes, as seen here. I love that I can fit three fridge storage solutions on one shelf!
This is the InterDesign Linus Fridge ‘n Pantry Binz – Cube. This is now my onion, garlic and ginger bin. I pretty much pull this out every time I’m prepping dinner! So useful to have one of these!


You can get all of the items I’ve used from my Amazon store here.

That’s our new organized fridge! Now it’s time for YOU to get busy organizing yours!

Good luck!


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