Bringing Back Family Dinner Time

We are all going through different emotions during this pandemic. I am sure my children are going through emotions as well since our socializing has reduced. During a conversation, my son asked me if we could have a fancy dinner. I was inspired by his creative energy and thought it was a brilliant thing to do and decided to set up my blank table and make it festive.

Here are some awesome tips for you so that you can bring back family dinner time to make it feel special:

  • Dinner time need not be boring! Make it fun by decorating the table, here I did an autumn theme.
  • In December I plan on doing a winter theme. Who does not like snowflakes, candles and gold decor?
  • Involve the kids in the process. They can come up with great ideas too. These are the memories they will always remember and cherish
  • You can also extend the decor to the rest of the house. I like minimalism, so I made an autumn wreath for our front door

Share your ideas with me of how you set up the table at your home to make meal times fun!.

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