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1 lb ground chicken

1 1/2 onion diced

1 tomato

2 tbspn vegetable oil

1 tspn salt

1 tspn garam masala

1 tspn laal mirch

1 heaping tspn garlic paste

1-2 green chili peppers


Fry 1 diced onion in pot on medium high heat until golden-brown

Meanwhile, in a large bowl combine the ground beef, 1/2 a diced onion, 1/2 tspn salt, 1/2 tspn garam masala, 1/2 tspn laal mirch. Incorporate using your clean hands (or wear gloves). ADDITION: if you prefer upping the heat factor-chop up 1-2 green chili peppers into the meat mixture

Make meatballs (should make about 10-12)

Onions should now be a golden brown in the pot, add one diced tomato. Stir well. Add the other half of : salt, garam masala and laal mirch. Add in 1 healing tspn of garlic paste. Stir well. Add in 1/3cup water and stir

Once the tomatoes have softened, place the meatballs very gently into the pot. DO NOT STIR

Place the lid on the pot and set to medium heat and let it cook for 10 minutes

After 10 minutes have passed- uncover and gently stir/turn meatballs. At this point you can add more water if you want more shorba (LOL?!) – if you like your curries more watery add more water

Cook for another 10 minutes

Serve with rice, roti or naan. Sometimes I just eat my koftai with salads too

Enjoy !



Tandoori Whole Chicken



1 whole chicken (I use the Safra brand)

1 lemon

1 tbspn coriander seeds

1 tbspn cumin seeds

1 tbspn Shan chaat masala

1 tbspn tandoori masala

1 tbspn laal mirch (red chilli powder)

1 tbspn salt

vegetable oil

1 tspn unsalted butter


preheat oven to 350 degrees

Remove all skin from whole chicken. If you like the skin on leave it on- I personally do not like eating chicken skin

in a mortar and pestle- grind the coriander and cumin seeds until their natural fragrances release, then add to a clean bowl and add the other spices (salt, laal mirch, chaat masala)

mix together – this is the dry rub mix

take half of the lemon and squeeze it over the entire whole chicken

next sprinkle the dry rub all over the chicken (one side at a time) and inside the chicken as well

use your hands (I choose to wear gloves at this point) to work the spice mix into all the crevices of the chicken

once the entire chicken is covered in the dry rub- take the other half of the lemon and squeeze over the entire chicken

place the chicken in a pre greased (I use 1 tbspn vegetable oil) deep baking dish/pan (you don’t want the juices flowing out of a shallow pan into your oven!)

cover the baking dish with foil

cook for a total of an hour and a half- but after the first 45 minutes remove the foil paper- no need to flip the chicken leave as is for the remaining 45 minutes (use your oven timer)

once cooked, take the 1 tspn of butter and rub it all over the chicken- it will melt easily if you do is this immediately – this step really brings the favorite together ?

serve with roasted vegetables, rice or a salad

enjoy !!



Lemony Baked Basa Fillets



2 basa fillets

4 tbspn melted butter

4 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 tbspn paprika

Salt to taste

1 tspn parsley 

1/4 cup green onions chopped up and set aside as garnish


Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Wash fish fillets and pat dry and place in a pre-greased baking dish

Pour lemon juice and melted butter over fish

Sprinkle remaining ingredients over fish

Bake uncovered for 10-12 minutes or until fish flakes with a fork

Garnish with green onions

Enjoy !



Ground Chicken Pot Pie


Assalamu alaikum and hello!

It’s been awhile since I completed a blog post… so much has been going on and keeping me busy, I’ll reveal a BIG surprise soon (stay tuned!)!! The weather is getting chilly- so today I decided to make some comfort food-ground chicken pot pie. First time making this and my stomach is rumbling from the delicious aroma that has taken over my home!



1 package of butter puff pastry

1/2 onion, diced

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 lb ground beef or ground chicken

1 cup frozen vegetables [I used carrots, peas and green beans medley]

Salt and pepper to taste

Mozzarella cheese

1 egg, whipped


**Take the butter puff pastry out of the freezer and allow it to thaw on the counter for 2 hours prior to beginning this recipe**

*Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees*

Add the oil to a pot set to medium heat.

Dice up the onions and add to the pot. Sauté until golden in colour.

Then add the frozen vegetables to the pot. I prefer small cuts of vegetables so I used diced carrots, green beans and peas.

Add salt and pepper to taste-I used about half a teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon of black pepper.

Sauté the onions and vegetables together for 3 minutes.

Turn up the stove to a medium/high setting. Now add your ground beef or ground chicken. I clearly used ground chicken 🙂

Mix well and cook for 10 minutes, stirring every so often.  Once the meat is cooked, turn the stove to a lower setting allowing the excess liquid to evaporate. [I let mine simmer for another 10 minutes].

While the cooked meat was simmering-I prepared my ramekins:

Spray or brush each ramekin with oil.

There were two rolls of puff pastry in the package I used. Gently take out one of the puff pastries out of its packaging and roll it out in order to get the quantity of pieces you need. I rolled out the dough so that I could get 6 circles using a cookie cutter I had. In total, I cut out 12 circles (6 for the bottom of the ramekins, and 6 for the top of the pot pie)

In each ramekin-place a circle of the dough and press it along the sides of the dish.

When the meat is done, proceed to assembling the pot pie:

  1. Add a couple of tablespoons of the meat mixture to each ramekin, covering the puff pastry at the bottom.
  2. Take a handful of cheese and place on top of meat.
  3. Add some more of the meat mixture on top of the meat
  4. Place the second puff pastry circle on top and using your hands or a fork, press the dough into the sides of the dish.
  5. Poke a few holes with a fork in the puff pastry to allow steam to escape.
  6. Brush each top of puff pastry with the egg mixture to get a beautiful shine.
  7. Continue step 1-6 until all ramekins are done.

Place the ramekins on a large baking sheet and then on the lowest cooking rack, place in the oven.

Cook for about 15 minutes. Take a fork and test the top of the puff pastry, if it comes out clean, the pot pie is done. A golden crispy top is another way of knowing they are ready.

Allow the pot pies to sit for 5 minutes before serving.





Chaat Papri

What is chaat papri you ask? It is a popular Pakistani savoury snack filled with delicious fresh ingredients and flavours. I learnt how to make chaat papri out of necessity-here’s why: when we first got married my hubby kept insisting he knew of a place that served “the best chaat papri”, so we went to the most random desi shop in Mississauga (I don’t remember the name lol) and had it. I was not impressed, the spices were just too powerful and did not combine well with the ingredients and most importantly, it did not taste fresh! I think my hubby was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t liked it but I think having come from living with my parents and eating my mom’s amazing food (mashAllah!) for almost 24 years, I had high standards of what food should taste like! LOL 🙂 Anyways, the next day while hubby was at work, I went to the nearest Halal grocery shop, Apna Farm in Mississauga, and got the papri, yogurt, the spices and the other ingredients and made it my mission to make a delicious chaat papri for him! Alhumdullilah he loved it and we never went back to that random chaat selling shop ever again! *success*




3 medium potatoes, boiled, unpeeled and cubed (bite size)

2-3 medium tomatoes, cubed (bite size)

1 large onion, sliced thin then cubed (bite size)

1-3 green hot chilli peppers, chopped

1 medium sized can chickpeas, drained

1 container of natural yogurt

KFI brand: Hot & Spicy Tamarind Date Chutney Sauce

KFI brand: Spicy Mint Chutney Sauce

1/2 teaspoon salt

Laal mirch (red hot pepper) – *amount dependent on how spicy you like your food*

Chaat masala


Start off by boiling the potatoes ***kashmirifoodie quick tip: or you can cook them in the microwave-pierce the potatoes with a fork several times over the surface of the potatoes. This allows steam to escape from the potato*** Cook until tender then un-peel and cube into bite sized pieces

Chop, slice and cube the tomatoes and onion and green hot chilli pepper and set aside

In a serving bowl, you are now going to layer and build up the chaat papri:

1. Start off by putting down a layer of the papri at the bottom of the bowl

2. Drizzle some yogurt over the papri

3. Sprinkle some of the onions, tomatoes, potatoes and chickpeas over top

4. Take a 1/2 teaspoon of chaat masala and sprinkle it on top all over. Do the same with the laal mirch (red hot pepper), but only add as much or as little as you can handle because it will get spicy! I used 1/2 of a 1/2 teaspoon laal mirch (red hot pepper).

5. Take a pinch of salt and sprinkle that all over

6. Now take the mint chutney sauce and drizzle it evenly over top-as much or as little as you like, I tend to go easy on this one)

7. Then take the tamarind date chutney sauce and drizzle that on top-as much or as little as you like, I tend to put a lot of this as it brings a beautiful sweetness to the chaat)

8. Add a few green hot chilli peppers and sprinkle a few on top

Now repeat steps 1 to 7 all over again. Do these steps until your serving bowl is filled.

Once you have reached the top of you serving bowl, create a lovely artistic design with the tamarind date chutney sauce and the mint chutney sauce and garnish with coriander. Remember, we eat with our eyes first!

You are done! Pat yourself on the back and get ready to devour this chaat papri because it is like no other you have tried before!



***Just some extra photos I pulled off google for you-I forgot to take my own photos:

This is the papri I used-it can be found in most Pakistani/Indian grocery stores:






This is the mint chutney sauce I used:








This is the tamarind date sauce I used:








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